Whether you’re traveling the Cimaron Turnpike or live in the surrounding area, StoneWolf Casino is a sue bet for having a howing good time.

In order to keep all players at a safe dstance while playing any of more than 350 of the latest electronic games, StoneWof Casino has implemented DYNAMIC AUTOMATED SOCIAL DISTANCING, a social distancing software that will automaticaly disable games on either side of an active player. When a guest inserts cash, TITO, or a player card into a machine, the machines to the right and left of the game being played will be automatically disabled by the system.  Disable games are placed back into service after game play has been completed and sanitized.  Our intent is to have all of your favrite games availble while enforcing responsible social distancing guideliness.


Sunday - Thursday:  10am – 0pm

Friday & Saturday:  10am - Midnight